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UPDATE: Today I came back to Gedit, If you use Linux, don’t forget to see my posts about gedit:

(Leia este post em Português)

I loved use Gedit as my favorite text editor last year, it was really util, I was maintaining a plugin to manage TODO marks. But some major force don’t want that my plugin works correctly in new Ubuntu version, I don’t know the real cause, but seems to be related with url-handlers, and I don’t got it working as it worked in previous ubuntu and Firefox Version. After some headaches, and without enough time to solve the problem, I decided to try another programmer’s editor… 99% of searches the replies are: TextMate, Vim, Emacs.

Well, for now I am not a happy MacBook owner, I cannot use the “Number One”, for me the last two are choices, and for mac users all are available :). All are great editors, I use Vim without any problems, to edit config files and another minor edits, I know how to use most of its features, by the other hand, the Emacs I had just some little testings some time ago, and I see it is also a great editor,for both is possible enable code completion to Python and Ruby, the languages I am working on.

Everything great, everything beautiful, a lot of “plugins” available for both, and the Vim is a very powerful editor. (For all those newbies to Vim/Gvim/vi, there is a config (customization) called Cream, that make the use for Vim very easy without loose the power and get the use of Vim very similar to another Gnome applications such as Gedit). But, nor Vim neither Emacs are the editors I was looking for. I want something powerfull and, at same time simple as Gedit.

So I found jEdit. No it’s not a typo, is jEdit (in Portuguese you spell same as Gedit), but jEdit is really a Java Written Programmers Editor, by this way it is cross-platform, and I was tested by me in a Windows computer and in mine laptop Ubuntu(hardy).

After some tests and…. the best editor I already been used.

Some features:

  • Multiplatform
  • Filebrowser
  • Customizable by language
  • Easy to add support to new programmming languages
  • A lot of plugins available
  • Macros
  • Integrated console[plugin]
  • Integrated SCM (SVN, CVS, etc) [plugin]
  • Search by regular expressions
  • Code completion [plugin]
  • Text Autocomplete [plugin]
  • Diff [plugin]
  • Task List (TODO List similar to my Gedit plugin) [plugin]
  • SuperAbbrevs (Code Snippets) [plugin]
  • Tabbed Documents(and another inteligent modes to change between files) [plugin]
  • Code Folding
  • Sintax Highlight very complete
  • and more…

Some screenshots:

is really a good choice install and test in your computer… it’s free, its OpenSource.


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